Welcome to Jay’s Tantric Massage News page. On this page, I will discuss my views, promotions, tantra, and anything else that may cross my mind. Keep your eye on this page as it will be updated regularly with news that can be enlightening and of your interest. I will also offer promotions through this page.

My massages are for men, women, and couples, however, I have no preference who I give a massage to. I see my clients as human beings to be loved and cared for that I am there to focus my whole being on during the session regardless of sex, size, race, or age. During a Tantra massage I am the giver and my client is the receiver. My only pleasure is to please my client.

This page will include news to do with men, women, couples, love, sexuality, relationships, spirituality, wellbeing and life in general. On my first news, I would like to bring to you the female sexuality and the yoni massage (female genitals).

It seems much more acceptable for men to embrace their sexuality than women. Why do you think this is? Why should women not have this same capacity and power to embrace their sexuality?

Women are empowered when they embrace, own, and worship their sexuality. I am a firm believer in this and have seen it many times through training sessions that I have been involved in and in my own sessions with clients. I have also known many women who can confirm this.

The connection to a women’s sexual self is what turns them from females into radiant Goddesses. This connection can create an array of powerful and healing sensations within the body.

During a Yoni massage, blockages are released, toxins are broken down and the blood flow is increased to the sexual organs. Female ejaculation can occur during the massage which further helps by releasing negative emotions and also it clears the sacred space to allow a deeper level of sexual pleasure to enter.

While female ejaculation can occur, this is not the overall goal of a tantra massage as a healing massage. A full body orgasm can occur as well during the session, which can be even more healing emotionally and physically. A full body orgasm will fully awaken your senses, it is a sensation of sexual energy that the person feels through the whole body. A full body orgasm can be more intense and last a lot longer than a genital orgasm which typically lasts seconds. You will feel it from head to toe.

The key point though is that there is no goal during a Tantra massage or during a Yoni massage. The goal is to relax and let the sexual healing energy flow. I invite my clients to be receptive without any expectations and surrender to the healing of a loving touch.

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